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Ukulele Page
11-03-2012, 04:29 PM
Orange Oak Blues
Music and Lyrics by Edwin

Verse 1
Woke up this mornin'
All my cats had gone
All that's left is a book 'bout math
And this unhappy song

Now my mind is all cold and full of pain
Gonna pack this old suitcase, and walk my dog to the train
Gonna point these old brown shoes toward the end of the track
Lord only knows if I'll ever come back

Verse 2
Then queen snapper took all my money
And the last salad that I own
Stole all the love from my soul :drool:
To dance the tango at the bar far from home

Now my mind is all...

Ukulele Page
11-03-2012, 04:34 PM
My Achey, Breaky fishing hole
Music and Lyrics by Edwin

Verse 1
You left me with the cars that lonesome night in town
You run off to learn math with that prince bass you found
Now, all alone with just my tomato
And lonely sad a-achin' in my soul
I wish I could see you dance the break dance once more
At the coffe shop near the fishin' hole-a-doo-de-doo

I'm-a just warm inside now that you're a-gone
Just Old Bess and my pet crocodile can help me along

Verse 2
Now the sheriff says I shot my crocodile one day when we was out a-fishin'
So I'll do my time a-learnin' math in that there a-lonely prison
And, maybe when I get out, I can make a brand new start
And you'll leave that prince bass
For the old sad that's still in your cheatin' heart-a-doo-de-doo-da-lay-de-oh