View Full Version : FUN Uke-auction: Hulabox soprano, signed by the UoGB

11-23-2008, 08:45 AM
In case any of you should happen to be interested, we are organizing a special Christmas charity auction in Helsinki. The first uke we offer is:

Hulabox Soprano #15 FUN, signed by the memebers of the UoGB!!!

Uke will be acutioned at the FUN-X-mas ball, Dec. 11th at the Bar Mendocino (http://www.barmendocino.com/) in Helsinki/Helsingfors. Pre-auction organized at the FUN-forum (http://ukulelenurkka.arkku.net/phpBB2/index.php) will determint the starting price of the instrument at the auction.

This uke is a really sweet sounding great player with brilliant playability and great action. It is a prime example that Hans builds some of the finest cigarbox ukes around.

Proceeds of the FUN Christmas-auction are shared (as usual) between FUN (http://www.ukulelenurkka.net) and the UFP (http://www.ukulelesforpeace.com/) project.

Hulabox cigarbox ukes are handmade and numbered unique instruments, built using the finest cigarboxes. The builder Hans Thuering also makes instruments to the members of UoGB and has made my 6-string stage uke some of you might know. This is a unique one of a kind instrument´, signed by the members of the UoGB, a full-bloodeid instrument, is the only one of it's kind.





As a little extra: this baby actually does open up to hold your fine cigars, when/if needed.

If you are interested in participating in the auction, get in touch with me... Telephone/skype bidding is possible at the venue, if agreed and registered beforehand.

PS. this is not the only uke we auction, stay tuned because there's more to come...