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11-14-2012, 05:10 AM

For sale is a 2012 Collings UT2 model Tenor Ukulele with a flamed mahogany top and back (this is not standard). I purchased this Uke new from Acoustic Music Works in Pittsburgh this summer after a long wait (and the Ukulele wait time through Collings is now over a year I am told). The Ukulele is in great condition and only shows a bit of faint pick stroke marks/swirling on the top near the neck joint (I took a photo to show, its very faint and just from normal playing - no gouges/scratches/damage). This Uke also has a K&K Twin Spot Internal pickup installed which sounds amazing. I am am primarily a Jazz player and a huge Collings fan (owning a several Collings Electrics/Acoustics as well as a Mandolin and this Uke). I purchase this Uke and a Collings MT mandolin earlier this year to learn some new instruments and I had hoped to work them into my gigs but I discovered I really am just a guitar player at heart and recently purchased a Collings Archtop (so I already sold my Mandolin last week and am now selling the Uke to offset that purchase).

Price: $1300 (includes insured shipping via FedEx with signature confirmation and payment via PayPal)

PM me or email me direct at shawnparslow@gmail.com if interested

Full Size Photo Gallery:

I am listing this on Ukulele Underground, TheGearPage, and the Collings forum. I have 100's of transactions of TheGearPage, a few on Collings forum, and also over 200 transactions with 100% positive feedback on ebay (under shawntp). I ship the same day of payment if humanly possible and communicate all tracking information. I receive payments to my verified PayPal account that has 100's of successful transaction and have never had a single issue.

A few photos:




11-14-2012, 07:09 AM
I just want to say it seems clear from the photographs alone how meticulous you are about the care of your instruments. This lovely ukulele is so tenderly displayed, i can hardly bear to think you're parting with it!

I'm sure this instrument will make someone very very happy. If not for the fact that hubby and i just put down deposits on Mya Moe ukuleles, this might have been very tempting.

Good luck on the sale, and best wishes to the buyer!

11-14-2012, 08:59 AM
sent email