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11-15-2012, 03:01 PM
Hey, i found 2 or 3 different Ukulele factories here, making some sweet ukes.. they're likely making them for other companies out there, i know there are a few big name Uke brands which have been outsourcing their Ukes to China

but, like everything in China, they know a good idea when they see one, and they learn fast, and clone factories soon pop up all over the place

I'm quite impressed with a few of them.

I've been looking at Chinese made ukuleles for over a decade, and they've all been really crappy, until about the last 2 years, the last year in particular

I dont mean to undercut any Ukes made in Hawaii, I totally encourage everyone to buy Hawaiian-Made Ukes

but some of them are pretty spendy

anyway, I will go get some photos, today maybe, and post some

They Have Soprano, Concert, Tenor, & Baritone.

So, anyway, there are a few things that I can offer:

1. One of these Sweet Ukulele shipped to you, individually, anywhere on the planet.. which you wont be able to beat the sound for the price anywhere

2. Your own brand of custom Ukuleles, which i can personally oversee the construction and workmanship of and manage QC from start to finish

3. Give you a tour of some factories, if you are planning on developing your own ukes in China

4. Hook you up with some Samples (yes, u have to pay for them)

I have a Kala I can compare them to in some sort of sound test..

anyway, PM me if you are interested in any of this type of Uke-business or just want an great unique uke at a great price, or know someone who does..

there are so many.. but most are above beginner.. i mean they are really nice... I have an Acacia Kala, and I really really want to get this other one here.. cuz i think it sounds alot better.. and its WAY cheaper


11-15-2012, 03:26 PM
I should explain what usually happens in China

- A company from another country comes in with a great idea, and great amount of skill, and bring in their own experts and own capital from their own country, wherever it is, under-cutting the labor in their home country, to increase their own profit margins & make more money, at the expense of Jobs in their own country - not employing citizens in their own country, and all for increased profits.

- Chinese law requires all Foreign factories have a 50% share-hold by a Mainland Chinese National Citizen

- Most smaller companies won't pay the exorbitant fees to establish such an enterprise in China, and so they look for established companies to come in and train and create their product.

- The contract usually involves a non-compete clause for a new product, for a period of 1-2 years before being able to sell the product in other countries, and a different clause before being able to sell to other interested buyers in the developers own country

- The factory owners receive the Financial Capital and Physical Capital to create, procure, & upgrade whatever they need to, in order to create the new product

- People are trained, the foreign company can choose to what degree they play in the process, from completely hands-ff, to having a man in the factory all day every day

- Meanwhile, the factory owners 7th cousin leaves the factory to create a duplicate factory, in every way, only taking his own artistic license when it comes to the outward design or some minor details, so that it, By Law, not a duplicate item.. (in China, this means even changing "Reebok" to "Deebok" is fine.. since its not even their language and they dont really give a crap about the thousands of different foreign languages doing business in China

- and the Chinese Manufacturer of the new product then enters the marketplace with an item of his own that can compete or even outsell the original, since the Chinese person needs FAR less profit, to sustain his life-style

- Its the Chinese equivalent of seeing another product, thinking really hard about it, learning everything there is to know about it in his garage, and then coming to the marketplace with a product of his own

- only since he lacks the understanding of the products culture and usage, he relies on other people's ideas, since his own are likely to be laughed at, if not bankrupt him.

- which then not only increases competition in the marketplace (a healthy staple & standard of capitalism), it tends to make middle-men very wealthy, since they are usually the ones setting the price to compete with whichever country's market can handle or whatever that country's market leader has set

- so.. its really just the cute little Chinese way of their own fail-safe version of R&D, i suppose..

- and the quality is on par with the best of them, depending on how much the importer has concerned himself with the daily operations at the factory..

- and so, in most cases, it's not China's fault, its companies in your own country's fault, actually.. but China gets blamed by your country, in a bout of slight-of-hand, to make the citizens in your country direct their hatred from their own leaders, employers, & compatriot companies betraying them, to some other country / convenient political scape-goat.

- and so on... in case thats what u were thinking.


Hippie Dribble
11-15-2012, 04:54 PM
Tenzen, I am closing this thread now as it is inappropriate and certainly not in accordance with any guidelines stated re selling in the marketplace. This board is for private member instrument sales, not a discussion about the for's and against's of outsourcing uke production. Please a start a discussion thread in Uke Talk for opinions on such matters. If you have a particular instrument to sell and some photos of it then by all means list it in a new thread in compliance with marketplace guidelines, thanks!