View Full Version : Brand New Kamoa E3-T - $160

11-20-2012, 02:52 AM
I have a Kamoa E3-T tenor ukulele that is brand new but has a blemish on the top right of the sound board. It's only visible when the light strikes the instrument at just the right angle.

Besides a blemish on the finish, it is in perfect shape and includes the full manufacturers warranty (I'm a dealer). This is a fantastic, all solid maple (top, back, & sides) ukulele.

I've priced it down to my cost ($160). I thought someone on the board here might be interested in it at this price. Shipping will be around $20 via US Postal Service.

Interested parties can send me a PM here or email me at robert@ukuleletown.com.

All 3 images below are of the same instrument.