View Full Version : Finally found a string set for my baritone...

11-20-2012, 07:41 AM
I finally found a set of all solid fluorocarbon strings that intonate really nicely in reentrant DGBE on my baritone. It took a while to find an E string that I was happy with - three tries before I found one that intonates well enough to be a keeper.

The set is all Seaguar fluorocarbon fishing leaders in the following gages.

D - FC80 - .0319 - (-2 cents @ 12th)
G - FP130 - .0410 - (0 cents @ 12th)
B - FC90 - .0358 - (0 cents @ 12th)
E - FC80 - .0319 - (-3 cents @ 12th)

Notice that the D and E strings are the same gage. I tried two lighter gage strings but the intonation was dismal (FC60, .0291 -8 cents @ 12th and FC50, .0260 -10 cents @ 12th)

Keep in mind that this was on a Mainland baritone which has a slightly shorter scale (19.5") than most baritones.

Also, all of these measurements were after the strings had been on for several days. I've found that it is pretty useless to measure intonation until the strings have stabilized enough to hold their tuning for several hours.