View Full Version : Kamaka Koa Pineapple White Label for Trade Only for High End Electric Tenor

11-20-2012, 03:34 PM
I have a Kamaka HP-1 Ukulele. The list price on this Kamaka ukulele is $845 new. At this time, I will not sell this Kamaka but prefer to trade it for a high end electric Tenor. If you have one of equal value (retail to retail). This type of trade eliminates the need to determine actual value which of course would be less. Right now the uku is at a Luthier being check out. I know that in the past it has had the bridge re-glued and I want to make sure its 100% before I trade it so the new owner can be assured of getting value for value. If you want to trade please contact me on this site or via my email address, n3epj@yahoo.com I prefer the email address as it is monitored.
The specs for this Pineapple Kamaka are:
Pineapple shaped Koa Kamaka
Kamaka's signature ukulele, designed and patented in 1928 by Samuel K. Kamaka. The Pineapple has a unique, oval-shaped body and produces a resonant, mellow sound distinct from the traditional figure-eight.
Overall length: 20-1/4"
Scale length: 13-9/16"
Total # frets: 12
Frets to the body: 12
Current MSRP: $845
Note: I am uncertain as to the age of this Kamaka. It is 1/8th inch longer than the present day HP-1 and has only 12 frets compared with 16 for the current model. It is a white label Kamaka