View Full Version : waitin not in vain

11-26-2012, 05:12 PM
my story of today...

i was waitin for the airplane, a bit bored, so started playin my ukulele.

a few people gathered to watch n listen, a few clapping hands, and this one old lady who thanked me very much.

it's funny how the uku catches the attention of people.

maybe it ain't a great story but i felt glad cause people enjoyed the music.

11-26-2012, 05:26 PM
I play at the airport waiting too. Kids come over and people always say "cool, a ukulele!". I took my uke on a cruise to the Caribbean, and was on my deck playing. All of a sudden I hear some lady yell "Hey whoever is playing that music, stop!!!!". It was funny. I was not playing loud at all and my daughter was with me and said "That lady is rude, you should play louder dad!". It was the arrival evening so they were probably tired because I played all the time on the deck the entire week and no one said a word. We actually made friends with some folks who saw my daughter and I playing and just liked talking to us.

Either the lady the first night was really tired or I just suck playing! It was fun and it was really funny hearing that lady yell from somewhere on the ship (we had no idea where she was at). Except for her, everyone seems to love it and always gets smiles.

11-27-2012, 01:24 AM
You do sometimes have people in the world who HATE music. I guess you coulda sucked, but your family would probably be honest with you if that was the problem. Noodling some strings just sounds like a normal sound that goes along with the sea for me and probably most people. Not like you were in her room jamming at 2am.

That said, the upstairs Drunky above us insists that he do 4am raves because he loves music. Now whether it's 4am or 4pm, I could go up there and rip his face off if he were worth the jail time. He's the only person in this world I hate. But after 6 years of it, it seems finally there's a house manager that won't put up with it. Still though, I miss his previous tenants, who were actually musicians, and did practice, but weren't jerks about it, and were very nice approachable people.

Maybe she was in a situation like that, or maybe she hates music. Or maybe she hates uke. Hard to tell with some people.