View Full Version : WTB: A Tenor Uke

12-08-2012, 07:34 AM
Looking for a good solid wood tenor that may normally sell for new in the over-$300 range that someone may be willing to part with used for a little less. Looking to spend no more than $300. If you're looking to thin out your selection, shoot me a PM.

12-08-2012, 10:00 AM
Kala Spruce top/Cutaway /with pickup( KA-STEC) $150 plus.
Sent PM with more info

12-08-2012, 10:13 AM
box is full try email if interested:

12-08-2012, 10:27 AM
Thanks for the offers. I should have been more specific as to what exactly I'm looking for, so I edited my OP.

12-08-2012, 11:48 AM
Google Bruko ukulele. German company, with stock tenors that are exceedingly gorgeous and well made and tenor is about 300 dollars, 400 at most, shipped to USA and with a pickup. You can sell it anytime on EBay for exactly what you paid for it. Many youtube videos. Guaranteed to be the best tenor you can get for three hundred clams or so. And it's new!

12-08-2012, 04:59 PM
Ukology: check out https://www.fleamarketmusic.com/marketplace/default.asp, they have a Pono for sale that might be good for you.