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12-13-2012, 01:01 AM
Tenor ukulele, peg head geared tuners or geared machine head tuners?
Just one point regarding balance, ukulele will be fitted with K&K twin spot pickup.

Your views as always are fully appreciated.
ETF :cool:

12-13-2012, 01:25 AM
From the point of view of keeping your ukulele in tune? Get open geared tuners every time. Peg head geared tuners are still geared fast. Peg heads are for fashionista's or Masochists.:rolleyes:

That's my two bobs worth anyway.


12-13-2012, 02:29 AM
I love them, and it is not for the looks. They are lighter than pretty much any tuner and they don't stick out the side like 4 ears on the head.
Here is my review

12-13-2012, 04:51 AM
Pegheads and friction tuners are my favourite. I don't mind geared tuners but they don't look as good on a ukulele IMO. It's also easier to restring without having to wind/unwind forever.
I've been told that tenors don't stay in tune as easily with pegheads / friction tuners though. But the tenor I have on order will have friction tuners. I had the option so I jumped on it. I'm sure it will be fine.

12-13-2012, 06:24 AM
My next custom will have wood peg tuners. Going way old school.