View Full Version : Advice, can you help on this Savana?

01-04-2013, 07:41 AM
Just wanted some feedback on this Savana 8 string (I'm guessing its called a banjolele, please correct me if I'm wrong). It's been in my wife's family we are guessing anywhere from 80 years or more. It's missing a tuner and finish is beat up. Also the nut is damaged.
Just wanted your opinions if you think it's worth the cost of a well earned makeover to bring it back to life or do you think it's best left alone and kept as a family heirloom?
Also interested if anyone knows anything about this make and model.

Many thanks,
ETF :cool:

01-04-2013, 07:43 AM
What do you want to do with it? Restore or leave alone.

01-04-2013, 07:50 AM
What do you want to do with it? Restore or leave alone.

That's why I'm asking, I don't know enough about the make to know if I would be just throwing money away by doing it up. I'm hoping someone on here will know more than me about this model and give me some advice.


08-14-2013, 01:53 AM
I'm in the same boat I have a savana that I know nothing about other than it was my grandfathers 57185
Any help or info would be gratefully received

mm stan
08-14-2013, 02:29 AM
I believe savana is a chinese brand? I woould order a nut and saddle and string it up and listen if you like the voice and tone before going further....Good Luck

08-14-2013, 01:35 PM
"Savannah" is the super-cheap MIC company Stan is thinking of.

ETF, what you have there is actually a banjo-mandolin, not a uke. It's British, early-1920's. The neck is probably narrower than a uke's and it should be strung with steel strings.

Wongo's Savana does appear to be a banjolele - unless it is steel string, then it's some sort of mandolin without paired strings.

Brief discussion of the brand can be found here:


08-14-2013, 01:52 PM
Wongo, can you measure the nut width on your Savana? Mandos typically have nut widths of about 28-30 mm.