View Full Version : Uke websites, SUPA 10th Anniv. & a workshop in Japan

01-07-2013, 09:13 AM
For all your ukulele website work – contact Kevin (www.kevinkulp.com/ ) This time, I just had a small change on mine. I picked up another nice endorsement for my uke books by Hawaiian heavyweight Kenneth Makuakane ( www.makuakane.com )
[ I saw Kevin’s posting on the UU marketplace] & he added this in seamlessly
- e mahalo nui loa Kevin!
btw – my offline UU discount offer is still good thru the end of next week
** a shout out goes to SUPA (seattleukulele.org), the group that I co-founded. This month marks the 10th year Anniversary. Noteworthy is that for all of these years, the admission charge of $3 has not changed!
** & my next ukulele workshop coming up soon will be in Japan ;)
aloha & arigato