View Full Version : Ohana CK-35GS - need advice on tuners, action, and strings

01-11-2013, 04:41 AM
I recently bought a Ohana CK-35GS - I'm enjoying it so far, but there are a few things that seem to need attention:

1. There is a LOT of slop in the tuners, which isn't surprising since they appear to be cheap faux-sealed units. I'd like to replace them with something a bit more precise without spending half of what the uke is worth - any suggestions for decent, reasonably priced tuning pegs?

2. The string height at the first fret is pretty high, about twice what I'd consider appropriate on a guitar. I don't have much in the way of other ukes to compare to, so I'd love some general guidelines for typical string height for a ukulele. I'd also like to know what size nut files I should look for if I decide to make a new nut.

3. I'd like to get a slightly darker sound out of the uke - I'm thinking that Worth brown strings might be the right choice?