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01-15-2013, 12:45 PM
The last time I tried to do a barter/trade thing, I got in trouble. I hope there is no opposition to this request. If this is not right Mods, feel free to delete. But, I will ask.

I have been an avid horse trader since I was a kid. I would like to turn leather into a nice uke. I have a very nice Italian leather motorsport Spidi jacket I have no use for. Way too small for me. It is size 2XL, very nice light weight leather riding jacket. It was purchased in Italy, and only worn once. The guy paid around $450 for the jacket. Before I put it up on a general barter list, I would like to see if anyone here may be interested in it, in trade for a nice uke. I had to downsize my ukes awhile back to pay for medical bills, and am trying to get some of them back. I would like a nice soprano, or concert sized, traditional shape. But if ya have one ya don't play, and would like to consider a nice riding jacket. It might work out for us.

I ended up with it in another barter deal I made, and don't know much about fine Italian leather goods. maybe you will know more about it. It's out of my wheelhouse. If it is something that cranks your tractor, maybe someone here would appreciate it more than this old fat country boy.. lol