View Full Version : Enjoy Yourself ( It's later than you think!) - A question of lyrics

01-15-2013, 08:08 PM
Having received The Daily Ukulele for Xmas I fancied playing Enjoy Yourself (It's later than you think) with the Bedford Ukulele Group.

Looking for Youtube clips for others in the group to listen to in advance of the practice I came upon a bit of a conundrum in that there appear to be two distinct sets of verse lyrics that go with the same tune and chorus.

The book version (surely the original) is the same as earlier recordings by Guy Lombardo and Louis Prima, but once you get to Prince Buster and later, The Specials, the verses have a different tune and lyrics. I've also found 3rd and fourth verses not shown in TDU using the original format

I've tried Wikipedia but there is no information there about this. Does anyone have any light to shed on it? Is it just a case of Prince Buster updating the song with his version?

I now feel I have to offer both versions to the group and see which they'd prefer to play or maybe try both.