View Full Version : So long (for now) and thanks for all the fish.

01-16-2013, 09:17 AM
Before taking my leave for awhile I wanted to formally thank everyone here who helped me learn about ukuleles and lead me to other great resources over the past few months. The ukes I've bought for myself and as gifts for Christmas were all based on information that originated here.

Work is picking up and I've finalized my ukulele choices so it's time to get back on set and spend my off time in the woodshed but I figured I'd hang around for a bit longer over the past week or so. I wanted to take some time and look for opportunities to contribute to any threads where I thought I might have a bit of knowledge to share. Wanted to, "give something back", as they say.

To all you folks looking to do some recording I want to plug GS and the free subscription to TapeOp one more time. I'm not affiliated with either, just know a good resource when I find one.

I'll be back when I have some music to share or some more advanced questions. This forum really is unique and the regulars do a great job maintaining the positive vibe. Aloha, indeed.