View Full Version : Wish I hadn't gone to the music shop..

01-22-2013, 07:49 AM
Stopped in to the music shop yesterday to pick up some guitar strings for my mum. While I was there I thought I'd just quickly check out their ukes (as you do), & made the fateful decision to pick one up to see how it sounded. It was a Kala 8 string Mahogany Tenor, the full 8 string sound blew me away (ive never played one before) & I fell in love immediately. It's been on my mind ever since & I might go back to the shop to play it for a little while today. Looks like I've found my next 'must have' uke.

Music shops need a warning label;)

Thoughts/advice on eight strings anyone?? (so far I have no comparison to the Kala). Much appreciated:-D