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12-08-2008, 01:22 PM
So I have read a few posts here and in other places in the past few weeks where peeps were asking/talking about Steel String Uke's...(not meaning the wounds)

Why would you need Steel Strings???
What songs can't you play on non Steel Strings?
Am I missing something?

I can't think of any reason why I would need them...

12-08-2008, 02:18 PM
Steel strings sound different than nylons. They also tear your fingers to shreds if you're used to using nylons...

They're also under MUCH more tension, which will rip the bridge out of a traditional uke.

I imagine, you can have a uber reinforced uke, but that might not sound too great, or a solid wood uke, but I'm not an expert on this sorta thing...

I don't really think there is anything you can't do with nylons that you can do with steel. Except, I imagine, using standard electric guitar pickups.. you need to use metal strings for that.... but usualy on ukes, they use piezo pickups, or microphones..

wow.. what a ramble, hope it helped :)

12-08-2008, 08:16 PM
You don't need them, but they are very different and can add a different dimension to the traditional ukulele sound. Kimo Hussey has an album that uses a steel string uke and it sounds great. Of course Kimo's a great player that would sound just as great with nylons. They're different and unique, considering that 99.99% of ukulele are made for nylon strings.

12-08-2008, 09:50 PM
Hey Paul, nice to see you lurking around on the boards.....welcome and its great to see the ukulele companies builders contribute. Now where's my Ohhhh.... well forget it