View Full Version : Funny/Embarrassing ukulele related stories?

01-28-2013, 10:43 AM
I created this thread because I initially wanted to share my embarrassment with people who know how I feel, but then thought hey I'm sure other people have similar stories so why not ask for them at the same time?

So here's mine. About a week ago my partners family came to visit as they were in the neighbourhood, and they've never seen my uke so asked me to get it out and play them something. First time I've played in front of somebody other than my partner. So I played them the song I was best at but still perfecting, and played through the intro. Ok so far.

Now I always strum the verse a different way to the intro, and when I don't want to sing along I strum through it, yet when I do want to sing the verse I strum each chord once with my thumb at the beginning of each measure, letting the chord ring out, while I sing, which I think sounds better for the verse in that song anyway.

But of course, strumming with my thumb and the slight pause before the beat on which the lyrics start must've made them think I was finished so they started clapping! I was too embarrassed to carry on with the song and I didn't want to correct them even though I hadn't got to the best bit, lol. I had a bright red face and it wasn't for the reasons they thought it was! And, by the way, my partner noticed what happened! Cringe.

Anyone else got a story?

01-28-2013, 11:10 AM
My son turned four a couple of weeks ago. I happily found and printed out tabs for "Happy Birthday." Turns out, a ukulele can't be heard over even four or five people singing. So, oh well. I still had fun. At least nobody noticed when I made a mistake.