View Full Version : Aquila Silver Rumblers are in stock at Kala Gear!

02-16-2013, 11:21 AM
Hey, look what just appeared on Kala Gear:


And they are offering a 20% off deal, with free shipping!:nana:

02-21-2013, 07:03 AM
And in the mail today were my new strings! They also threw in a UBASS sticker for my car, along with the sticker pack! Thanks Kala, for offering great product, great price and great service!:worship:

02-23-2013, 03:45 AM
Sooooooo tempted to put them on, but I just got my Thunderguts installed last week, so no dice! Unless, in a fit of uBass love, I do it anyway. Must....resist.....string.....upgrade............: uhoh: