View Full Version : Using glass beads on strings for a uke with bridge pins, dimension thoughts

02-18-2013, 12:14 AM
I am preparring to try a different set of strings on my new Kanile'a concert, and in searching these forums it sounds like using glass beads might be a good thing to do. I understand that if the bead is too big, it won't fit into the pin hole so the only way to do it would be to fish the string down and out the soundhole, tie on the bead and so on. Has anyone found a bead size that allows them to tie it on first and it fits down into the pinhole? I'm looking at some glass beads on the internet that have an outside diameter (OD) of 4mm, and some silver or bronze ones that have an OD of 3mm and even 2mm. I'm wondering what size would fit into the pin hole. Any advice from folks who use this method, or those who have found a better method, are most welcome! Thanks in advance :)

02-18-2013, 04:33 AM
Well I went ahead and got some glass beads at Michael's (arts & crafts chain in the US). They are size 11/0, not sure what that means but they are the smallest they carry and the C string fits through the hole. We'll see how they work out. I want to pick up a string winder tool before I get into this project, but the local mom & pop music shop was closed for President's Day. Maybe I'll find another store that's open, I'd like to give this whole string changing thing a shot today. I'm less interested in trying a new set of strings as I am just interested in trying to change strings for the first time :)

02-18-2013, 04:35 AM
I recently started using beads that were large enough to NOT go back up through the hole (I fish them through the sound hole and tie them on). I actually find this to be quicker and simpler to do then using the tiny beads my Islander came with which never wanted to "catch" under the pin and often made tensioning strings difficult.

mm stan
02-18-2013, 06:01 AM
I got them on my william king and from southcost beads and strings...the combination of them sounds good on this uke...:)

02-18-2013, 12:30 PM
I use beads on all of my ukes I do have to tie the bead onto the A string so it doesn't pop thru but they work great and quick.