View Full Version : Recorded Audio from in front of acoustic amp - Deep River Woman

02-18-2013, 07:57 AM
Hi All,

I recorded this last night with my Zoom H4N pointing in front of my acoustic amp where I was driving the output of the instruments. I used two microphones in the room and wanted to see how it sounded at the amp.


I am going to try another video with the microphone outputs from my mixing board plugging directly into the H4N which will sound more like a studio than recording a room live.

Anyone have experience with the technique of recording by putting your recording in front of your amp to record it, rather than plugging in. Any way to get a richer sound? Should the H4N be directly in front of the amp, like a few inches away with the gain turned out, or farther away with the gain turned up. Just didn't have time to experiment on all the variables.

Curious on your experiences recording that way.