View Full Version : Anyone try "perfection" violin pegs?

Koa Soprano
02-18-2013, 05:47 PM
For those that like violin pegs in their ukes, has anyone tried Perfection or Finetune violin pegs? they are violin pegs with an internal gear and the body that sets into the wood does not move, therefore no peghole wear. They look like they would sit in quite deep though.



02-18-2013, 05:58 PM
Appears to be more or less the same design as Pegheds, which use the same planetary gear configuration, but are designed to be use in ukuleles.

02-18-2013, 08:40 PM
Go to Musician123 or Musician's Friend to see what they offer for 69.00 as PERFECTION PLANETARY PEGS made in China. Read the comments about them,please. Be sure to ask about their warranty of 45 days, and their failure rate. They do have the 19 x 17 mm ( 3/4 ) and the 22 x 20 (4/4) sizes of buttons.
Go to www.pegehds .net to see how many different button sizes, shapes and woods, as well as different diameters and lengths of shafts are available for anywhere from $48 to $60.00 a set for USA made PEGHEDS. Most sets are $54.00.
Priority shipping is $7.00. The buttons may come from India or Indonesia. PEGHEDS have a lifetime warranty to work or they will be replaced or repaired. Materials and workmanship are products of the USA. Have you read what Tim Szerlong says in www.ukeeku.com about PEGHEDS?

I wonder how many quality builders use Precision Planetary Pegs. I know quite a few use PEGHEDS that they get from www.pegheds.net 503-364-0854

Installation requires using a 30:1 violin reamer and knowing the difference between a left hand and a right hand thread. It is strongly advised that for both brands that one practice reaming on a piece of wood the same thickness and hardness before the actual installation on the instrument. It is much easier to make it a little larger than to try to make it a little smaller.

I am available via phone or email to offer support to anyone who would like to do their own installations. If you overbore a hole? Ask me how to fix it.