View Full Version : After another Uke

02-27-2013, 09:09 AM
Hi all need a bit of feedback,
I started of with a half decent concert cutaway with electrics,it had a dead note on it so I looked for another.After a few failed attempts at custom builds in UK I ended up getting a Bruko Concert same style as No6. I do like it but I do not like the neck it is very chunky. And another thing is where I am used to the cutaway it is a lot easier to play higher up the neck. If I am barring with my first finger I can only really get to the 8th.
I had a go on a Fluke tenor today and really liked the neck, I do not particularly like the look of the sound board although a Koa one is an option. With that spec and a pic up it would be around 400 - $600. Of which I think is a lot of money for a bit of plastic with a bolt on neck although they are well made.

I mainly do finger picking so I am after something with a good bell like tone. I have been looking at the Ohana CK- 75 CG Spruce/Maple concert. Anybody got any suggestions?