View Full Version : Grizzly Kits in the UK?

03-14-2013, 04:04 AM
Looking at the website, Grizzly will ship to the UK, but only for order in excess of $200 - meaning I'd have to buy 8 of them, which would be a bit daft (English for dumb)!

There are similar priced kits available through Thomman in Germany, but the wood used looks a bit nasty and boring, so the Grizzly kit wins hands down on that front.

I doubt I'd be able to find enough friends who'd be interested in coming in on the deal to make it viable for me to bring over 8 direct from Grizzly, but I would like a couple for myself, so I was wondering how feasible it would be for a kindly US-based UU'er to have a couple of these kits shipped to them for them to then ship to me?

The cost of two kits shipped to the US would be a shade over $65, but I have no idea how much it would then cost an individual to forward them on - but I'd certainly be interested in finding out, if anyone happened to know and/or would be willing to help me out?

Cheers :D