View Full Version : Black Kala Archtop not available in U.S.?

03-18-2013, 07:34 AM
50414I have been shopping for the all black version of the Kala Archtop, the KA-JTE BK. I find lots of them in the UK and in the EU, but none in the U.S. I wonder why this is? The number of them for sale in the UK indicates that they must be still in production, or at least there must be a decent amount of back stock - but none are being marketed or sold in America. Strange. :anyone:

I really like the looks of the all-black version, and I assume that the sound is going to be the same as the sunburst/tobacco burst versions. If I am going to pay about $300 for a uke, I would like to get the version I really want.

Fortunately, some of the prices - including shipping - in the UK are pretty decent. It almost neutralizes the cost of international shipping.

I also hate that Kala has supposedly stopped producing the KA-JTE in this finish. Perhaps I am in the minority, but that glossy all-black finish looks great to me. I guess it's all about the market, but I wish Kala would reconsider.:2cents: