View Full Version : WTT or FS Johnny Marvin Prince of Wales and Kamaka white label soprano 71-72

03-23-2013, 05:34 AM
Greetings ukers, After two years of playing I'm pretty much settled on playing vintage sopranos or modern equivalents. But while making that decision and because of my love of all things high quality and old, I accumulated a few ukes that I rarely play including this Johnny Marvin Prince of Wales http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nJtZaRzrkc and a Kamaka white label soprano 71-72 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIFjvTX4A2E . I posted the Kamaka for sale a few months ago with no takers. Both ukes have been to a professional luthier and are in excellent playing shape. The PoW has silver tuners and has been refinished with a dark stain rather than a light koa stain, but otherwise is in excellent shape. It was originally purchased from Elderly. The silver tuners and dark refinish has caused to some to doubt that it is a PoW but not all PoW's had gold tuners (another list member has a PoW with the exact same tuners) and the wood is clearly koa (Johnny Marvin mahogany ukes almost always had flame mahogany rather than straight grain wood, the opposite is true for koa). Information aside, I'm looking for ~$1050 in cash/trade for both of these ukes and I'm willing to negotiate for one of them. The trade figure is based on the used value of a uke not new value. I suppose my main interest is obtaining a high-end custom soprano (I should mention that I'm only interested in soprano's unless you have something really exciting like a Martin taro patch) that have unique sound qualities. My standard ukes are Martins from the 20's if you want to know what my sound tastes are like but I recently played a myrtle Mya-Moe and loved it. Ask away if you have questions. I don't really like the PM feature here so feel free to email me directly at grossman at negia dot net. aloha, g2