View Full Version : Chipped Pono and "dang my near vision is getting bad"

04-07-2013, 09:45 AM
So, I mentioned in one thread how right after recording a video I set my Pono MBD on top of its case and then knocked over a 4' aluminum spirit level that fell on it and chipped the body binding at the heel.

Well, I just looked at it with magnifiers and realized that the body isn't bound and the chips or dents (can't tell for sure which) are actually in the top wood - and the biggest one is exactly on where the halves meet on the two-piece top. That chip or dent is about 1/32" or a little deeper and about 1/8" wide.

I really wouldn't care that much about the chips but that one being right at the top join bugs me a little - it looks stable and I don't think that it's deep enough to start the top wood separating but I'm not sure. Anybody have any good ideas other than just watching it and send it off for repair should it show any signs of splitting?

On a positive note I finished hanging the doors on my new storage shed last night so I don't ever have to mix tools and ukuleles in my office again... LOL


04-07-2013, 12:51 PM
OOHH That hurts. I feel your pain. The good news is you've probably not done any structural damage. It's all attached to the kerfing on the inside. If it's not deformed now, it will surely hold together even at the joint.

Now, where did I put my glasses??