View Full Version : For trade (maybe): Risa Solid Concert

Jim Hanks
04-07-2013, 11:48 AM
This is a great uke but I'm thinking I may have made a mistake with the size. I think I'd rather have a tenor. If someone wants to buy my concert outright, I can then apply the funds to a tenor.

Anybody with a tenor thinking yours is too big? :) if so, I'm sure we can work out a fair trade given relative age of the instruments, extras, etc. A little bit of cash could go with the deal if it wasn't quite an even swap.

Mine is in perfect condition still - only a few hours total played on this uke. It would come with the original strap and case - as well as a pack of Worth BM strings with just the low G used (almost two whole sets in other words). If you wanted to restring as high G just use one of the A strings.

You can get this new for right at $300 shipped from Pua Pua. I actually paid more from Ukulele World to get it a little quicker on the mainland.

Since it is practically brand new and I'm including the strings ($15 value), I think $285 shipped to lower 48 is fair and I'll just eat the loss as a learning experience.

If there is any interest I can take some pictures later but it is the exact same thing you can see here : http://www.hawaiianukuleleonline.com/risa-solid-concert-electric-ukulele.html


Jim Hanks
04-10-2013, 03:49 PM
Bump up since now for sale outright