View Full Version : Differences between 21u and Aq-21U Aquila strings

Patrick Madsen
04-11-2013, 12:55 PM
After having the E string break on a New set of Aquila Red baritone strings, I was able to salvage it because it was just long enough.

I'm underwhelmed with the thiner guage of the strings and the fact they seem to have a tendency to break (Thread, Strings that go Pop in the night.)

I have the old set of Aquilas and looking at the AQ-21U set at the local M. store they are the New Nylgut with the thiner guage also.

Does anyone know if the 21U non "New nylguts" are the thicker guage string? I just have the old set from the baritone and was told by the luthier they were Aquilas but wasn't sure which ones.

The Webber sounded much better with the thicker guage and frankly I'm not a fan of the New Nylguts.

I wrote Mimmo and a local USA distributor asking. The Dist. didn't think Mimmo would write back and so far he's right. The dist. didn't know the answer.

Thanks, for any info. I dropped buying Aquilas a while ago and thought I'd give them another try since they were on the Webber. Perhaps it's time to start looking again for something different than the A's or Martin 630's. I like the wound 3&4 with thicker guage 1&2.