View Full Version : Stagg case / Mainland Tenor - it fits

04-24-2013, 06:23 PM
Hi everyone,

Just in case anyone was ever wondering, and to immortalize it for Internet search immortality, the Mainland Tenor ukulele will fit in the Stagg tweed case available on Amazon.

The Mainland tenor (a factory 2nd which looks great to me, thanks Mike!) fits in the Stagg case just fine, no issues. It has an inch or two at the top of the headstock. Not tight.

It's a relatively reasonable price at $49.95 - The cheapest one you can get is around $40 so the extra $10 for it to look cool is worth it to me - It's free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.


04-25-2013, 07:19 AM
igorthebarbarian, thank you so much for this post!

04-25-2013, 08:26 PM
You're welcome watrr...

I uploaded a couple photos too...

The Stagg case quality is pretty good for the price. I am sure the more expensive ones are better, but I'm kind of cheap, and this one looks cool.
The middle latch does not close nearly as smoothly as the two end ones do. The middle latch takes a little pressure to get it closed, but once closed, it seems secure. It may get better over time, who knows...
I have a Herco clay container humidifier under the headstock - it's kind of difficult to see. Plenty of room for it.