View Full Version : checking intonation with a digital tuner

bobO G
04-28-2013, 07:02 AM
The title says it all, will this work ? I'm not tone deaf but close to it , so I thought I would try this at the 12th fret and all the notes came up sharp. Should they ?:confused:

04-28-2013, 07:22 AM
That's what a digital tuner is for! What kind of ukulele do you have?

04-28-2013, 07:56 AM
Make sure when you are fretting, just fret hard enough to make a clear note ring out. Pushing too hard can make the note bend sharp. Try not to bend the string either when checking for intonation.

bobO G
04-28-2013, 07:58 AM
Lanikai lu21T and a Eddy Finn EF-5-tenor. On the Lanikai all strings are sharp but the low G which is dead on . On the EF all are sharp . Now my thought is even though they are a octave higher they should still be GCEA in the green ...yes? Not to worried as these are my beginner , destined to be my knock around Ukes, just wondered if my theory is correct . Saving my penny's for a solid mainland or should I win the lotto a Mya Moe :) Well fretting pressure did make a diff on the A string on the EF, all others ring the same , darn it.

04-28-2013, 08:04 AM
If they are new strings they are also still stretching, so keep checking if they are still in tuned "open". Could take a couple days for them to settle, depending on how much you play. I'd wait til they have set and then check intonation just to be sure. Yes, you are looking for GCEA in the green. If anything, check out the Uke Tech and Uke Luthier Forums on here for info setups.

bobO G
04-28-2013, 08:08 AM
Great , Thanks for the advice. These strings are still fairly new so hopefully that's the deal . I practice hrs a day , can't seem to put them down . So off to the Uke tech and Luthier forums. Ha one of the first threads on Uke tech addresses this very problem, I think my bridges were placed incorrectly.

04-28-2013, 08:29 AM
Glad to help! I believe that's what keeps this place going. Everyone giving back. :)

bobO G
04-28-2013, 09:06 AM
Yup , love UU . Well I measured again and seems I have the same measurements from the fret board side of the nut to where the string breaks over the saddle 8 1/2 ". Just gonna play these suckers and worry about it later . My next Uke will be set up by a pro for sure though.