View Full Version : Make your own Kalimba

05-01-2013, 03:34 PM
After some prodding from cigar boxers, C.B. Gitty, of Cigarboxnation.com has made kits available to make your own kalimba. YOu can get a cigar box, use an unfinished box from your craft store, a soprano uke body, or anything else that would work to make your own kalimba and be assured it will be playable. I'm not connected with C.B. Gitty, just passin on info.


Now I notice that Kala is making ukalimbas for $99 from their uke bodies. The cigar box kits are less than 1/4 that price and there are some awesome cigar boxes floating around out there at cigar shops. Some want up to $4, some $2, and some will give them to you.