View Full Version : My new Skipper Deluxe Tenor

05-07-2013, 02:23 AM
I just took delivery of the new Skipper Deluxe Tenor. I am pretty excited about it. You can see it and see the steps in its construction by going to the Skipper Strings site linked in my signature. It differs from the standard in its figured koa, its outlining stripe on fingerboard and slotted head, its pickup, and its high gloss finish. In construction it differs in its forward shifted scalloped bracing. While you are at the site you may want to look at the guitar-bodied mando-cello or the gorgeous Leopardskin OOS guitar.

05-07-2013, 06:50 AM
Congrats Gerry.

I know nothing plays better than new custom uke. But, it would be great if you compare the sound and build to your other Tenors.

Since this is your 2nd Skipper, I'm guessing this might be your favorite builder.

BTW that was a nice video of the Skipper tenor.


05-07-2013, 08:35 AM
You are very right in guessing Roger Skipper is my favorite builder! He has built several violins, open back banjos, guitars, and one fabulous Irish tend banjo for me. With every one he sends or posts daily photographic documentation of progress. Satisfaction is guaranteed--and I have always been satisfied. As to comparing to other ukes, I guess I like the balance in sound (mine are all strung with Low G), the superb set up, and the fit and finish. The Skipper sound is there in the video you were kind enough to post. Compared to the Mahogany Skipper in the video, the Koa Skipper is slightly richer in overtones, but it has the basic Skipper sound. I was pleased that it doesn't sound like a little classical guitar. Even though it is X-braced, it is still very much a ukulele.
Thanks again, Doc, for your post.