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02-19-2008, 09:02 PM
Hey UU members, check out this guy I found on you tube. Very good Falsetto.
He's got bunch more songs on his youtube site. Check em out.


Fred Miu
02-19-2008, 09:06 PM
wow bro. because of you, im now going to start practicing some trad. hawaiian songs.

time to get my book out that i have hehe.

keep this stuff up!

02-20-2008, 03:44 AM
Try this one it starts at about 1:03


02-23-2008, 08:55 PM
My dad sent me this link to a guy named Ryan Kamakakehau Fernandez who lives on Maui.


Here's a link to a news article about him: http://kgmb9.com/main/content/view/4044/169/

How does he do that??

02-25-2008, 03:49 PM
That's just sic :eek: incredible voice on that guy!

02-25-2008, 04:09 PM
Pretty good IMHO! :) I feel that's music that goes so well with the ukulele.

There are two books by Jody Kamisato (http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw/105-6284462-8173240?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=hawaiian+style+ukulele+kamisato&x=0&y=0) that cover traditional Hawaiian mele. They come with excellent CDs. These pieces are easy to start with.

I had the first one but gave it to my mother because she needed it for the hula lessons she gives at the senior center. :(

02-25-2008, 04:18 PM
Okay, so the question is.... HOW DO I DO THAT?? :confused:

02-26-2008, 05:42 AM
Okay, so the question is.... HOW DO I DO THAT?? :confused:
Well, you could still sing some of the songs without falsetto.