View Full Version : Cymballism Music is Amazing

05-24-2013, 08:21 AM
So maybe some of you remembered that I made a thread about the fiberglass case from cymballism music. Which I should probably do a review soon on...anyway I got the case and it was amazing....but I didn't notice till about a month or two later that the bottom of it wouldn't close all the way. What?! I paid 200 for it so I better be having no problems you know? And I never really 'traveled' with it as it the only time it ever left my house was when it was in my car and that's about it. So I don't see how it could have been my fault. So I emailed cymballism music about it and no questions asked, even when the return/exchange time frame had been passed they sent me another one free of charge. WOW! That's great service. So don't ever worry if you decide to order from them :)