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05-31-2013, 03:17 PM
Hello! I recently posted in the New Member section. In my intro thread I told about my experience with UAS, and mentioned that I'd be starting a For Sale thread in the marketplace to purge some of my collection. So here it is! All of these prices include FREE shipping to the lower 48, add $25 to Hawaii.

I'll only accept payment via Paypal or local pickup with cash..

These are unbranded, but they're made in the same factory as several of the big brands, and with the same quality. So you can buy one of these, or pay almost twice as much for the same uke with a brand decal. Here we go..

U-Bass (Brand new) - Solid spruce top, solid maple sides and back - electric under saddle pickup - steel strings - $290 including shipping

Exactly the same as that other brand you're thinking of, just without the floppy poly strings.

http://i.minus.com/jhgTAZOLEM07s.jpg (http://minus.com/lhgTAZOLEM07s)

U-Bass photo gallery: http://minus.com/mnjyEMib3H8dy

Pocket ukuleles (Brand new) - Tuned and played on the same scale as soprano, but at 17" they're about 3/4 the size and a lot of fun. Admittedly, they won't actually fit in a pocket. I have 2 of these I'll let go for $55 each including shipping

http://i.minus.com/jjqA5tmE5445j.jpg (http://minus.com/ljqA5tmE5445j)

Pocket ukulele gallery: http://minus.com/mmGQGF63EdJ90

And another oldie..

Regal - Very special! This tri-color herringbone wood inlay/binding was an early signature of Regal's. There are several pretty well known models like the Wendell Hall Redhead from about 1925 into the 1930s. The "Fancy Pants" which had the tri-color inlay around almost every edge. Mine has the same binding, and appears to be made of the same curly/flamed cuban mahogany which looks a lot like koa. I searched for many hours trying to find any info I could on this thing. I bought a vintage guitar guide which is supposed to be the best reference we have for vintage ukulele values (useless) to no avail. The one and only reference I found to this uke is here: http://database.ukulelecorner.org.uk/p-q-r/regal (Titled "3 colour inlay" c. 1919 first picture on the second row) with no actual info, and just a date of 1919. The reason I believe this date to be true is because it looks like something that these later, fancier variations would have evolved from. The tuners stay where you put them. I strung it with martins to keep a more traditional sound, and it sounds incredible. The only thing I've found is a very tiny crack at the top of the soundhole. It would take you a while to notice it if you didn't know it was there. It shouldn't grow because there's a brace just above it. I don't think it's going to be a problem. Considering it's age, this uke is in amazing condition.

The case is an "Economo" made by GEIB. It's in "Good" condition but is showing a bit of age. I did a bit of research on this case and it looks to be pretty sought after. It seems like a lot of the early martin ukes came with these and I see them sold together often.

I really don't know how to price this uke because I have nothing to reference. I know that the Wendell Hall Redheads sell for $400-$500 pretty often, and they are not as old, or as rare. If you're interested in this, shoot me an offer (really!), but the price I'll set is $450 with the GEIB case, including shipping.

http://i.minus.com/jXqommy6VeyxW.jpg (http://minus.com/lXqommy6VeyxW)

Regal gallery: http://minus.com/mR2WJAJ5tJAEK

Here are some links:




Vintage Harmony Baritone - SOLD

Barclay Soprano - SOLD

Harmony Soprano - SOLD

Still available. This uke is beautiful, buy it!

Harmony Roy Smeck Soprano - $79 Shipped

This is a super clean example of a Roy Smeck uke. From the 1950's to 60's. It's been strung with a new set of LOW G Worth Brown strings, which sound amazing on this. No Cracks. Straight Neck. The soundhole is offset to the left (toward G) a bit on this, I’m not sure if it’s intentionally designed that way or if the factory allowed for some variance, but either way, it looks, plays and sounds great.


Click here for the album (http://imgur.com/a/O13Md#0)

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Price drop!

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Last price drop before eBay.

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I sent a PM.


06-11-2013, 12:19 PM
Hi, All the soprano's fretboards are plastic right? Thanks

Captain Simian
06-11-2013, 12:48 PM
Hope I'm not out of line for answering this, but yes the fingerboards are plastic. You can tell by the screws as dot markers. I had a Barclay that wasn't nearly as nice at this one and it sounded great. Tempted...

06-13-2013, 11:56 AM
Thanks Captain, yes all plastic fingerboards, all in good condition.

Hope I'm not out of line for answering this, but yes the fingerboards are plastic. You can tell by the screws as dot markers. I had a Barclay that wasn't nearly as nice at this one and it sounded great. Tempted...

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Updated original post, added new ukes!!

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Price drop!!

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OMG Pocket ukes!!!!