View Full Version : Anybody waiting for the new Pono version of the Koolau CE series electric?

05-31-2013, 08:47 PM
When I heard that the Pono would be in "beta" by June, I got real interested. Then the Godin hit the dealers. Both have chambered solid bodies and are likely to have very smooth and balanced tone.

I have a Godin steel string Mandolin version of the Multiuke which is a real keeper, but the Pono is intriguing. Anybody else watching this segment of ukedom?

06-01-2013, 04:17 AM
Watching with wallet poised.

I already own a KoOlau CE and, frankly, it's the most amazing electric uke I have ever seen or played. It feels so dense and good, and the construction is impeccable. The neck profile is just right, and the dedicated LR Baggs is amazing.

Praying that the CE Ponos this autumn will be as good. I may think about the baritone CE and string it either dGBE or just GCEA (with the appropriate strings)...birdie told me those (already available with special order from KoOlau) will likely be out in early 2014.

And gloss would be sweet (says that looking up at the sky with hands together in prayer)