View Full Version : Repair of small nick on neck of satin finish uke

06-05-2013, 03:53 AM
Hi there. I recently procured an awesome Kala solid Okoume tenor (satin finish) and noticed a small nick down to bare wood on the side of the neck near where it is attached to tbe body. It's not a big enough nick to warrent sending the thing back (and I don't think I could bear parting with this thing for any amont of time), but I want to do something to protect the bare wood. Any suggestions on what I should use?

I have a very light water-based polyurethane that I was considering using. I was going to just use a q-tip to apply a very thin layer right on the spot to cover the bare wood and be done with it. Thoughts?

06-05-2013, 05:20 AM
Depending on how big the nick is I would straighten out a paper clip and dip the tip into the polyurethane and just touch the center of the nick. The polyurethane should wick off and cover the bare wood. If it doesn't, dip it again and repeat until covered. This will give you better control than using a q-tip as you can put the liquid right where you need it and not on the surrounding finish.

Good luck!

06-05-2013, 11:30 AM
That's a good idea. The nick is not large. Thanks for the advice.