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Dope Antelope
06-13-2013, 04:58 AM
When i play any notes using my first fret they sound really horrendous and like they are fizzing. any other frets sound fine. no matter how hard i push down on it they just dont even sound right on all of the strings. its so annoying and i would appreciate any tips on this??

i have a tanglewood TU1

06-13-2013, 05:15 AM
How much space is there between the first fret and the strings? If you put a business card between them is there still a noticeable gap?

If so, the notches in the nut need to be adjusted. Most guitar shops that do minor repair should be able to do this for you (ask the price first though, it can vary)

mm stan
06-13-2013, 05:36 AM
Is this a new ukulele....it may be under warranty yet.....buy from reputable dealer who does setups....

06-13-2013, 06:06 AM
Sounds to me like the problem is the second fret. If it's too high, you may hear a buzz when fretting the first fret and nowhere else.

06-18-2013, 06:40 AM
Hold each offending string at the third fret and look closely at the first. The string should only just kiss or touch the crown of the first fret, nothing more than that. If the string is noticeably pressing on to the first fret, your action is too low.

Also bear in mind - you shouldn't be pressing down hard in any case - you only need to fret lightly enough to engage the fret in question. If you are a new player though, I appreciate this is tough - and often such buzzing can be down to other issues, such as - are strings buzzing off other fingers. Look at your finger positions - you want to fret down cleanly onto the strings - if your fingers are at an angle you can create buzz against your own flesh!