View Full Version : My cheapest NUD so far: Thanks, Butler Music!

06-22-2013, 06:19 AM
So after reading the long thread about the gambler's special baritones, I decided I needed a project soprano. On ebay, along with the baritones, I found that they had gambler's specials in other sizes too, including the LU-21P. By coincidence, I had never tried a pineapple, so I gave it a shot. I confess to feeling a little disappointed by its condition, as I was looking to work on my setup skills, and this one's near perfect! Their e-bay site shows some of the same container-load has been picked over and the good ones are set up and sold as B-stock for quite a bit more, and I'm actually wondering if someone screwed up. Apart from a small repaired crack in the headstock, and some glue-staining on the inner label, I can't find anything to complain about. More importantly, the action is low, with no buzzing, and the intonation is the best of any of my ukuleles. Another reason I think I got one of the setup models: rather than shipping in a still-unopened box, mine was in the box from a different soprano (the small label on the end of the box gives a different model designation, + it lists the color as "blue."). So the end result is that I got a ukulele I'm now playing more than any other for only $22 + shipping (the next day, a $35 case arrived to keep it in!)! Hurray!

Forgot to add, I looked up the info on the box--it was from a Kohala blue soprano.