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06-24-2013, 07:41 AM

FS: Mya-Moe Tenor, Master-Grade Koa SOLD

I haven't been playing ukuleles long, but I've noticed how some of us buy something and then turn around and sell it relatively soon. I'm about to do the same thing, and in my case, the reason is simple: My eyes are bigger than my wallet ...

No buyer's remorse here, I like this instrument, it's terrific, but of a moment, I had a chance to buy a recently-made custom uke from the same luthier who built my classical guitar. It was a sale to someone else that fell through, and through a lucky happenstance, the uke is almost a mini-me match to my guitar. This from a maker who has a long waiting-list. I couldn't pass it up.

I couldn't pass it up ... but ... I have to balance the books. You know how that goes.

Here's what's on the table: It's a Mya-Moe Tenor, in koa, #667, you can track it on their site. (I bought it used here on UU, and you can see the back-and-forth, more images of it, there, too: http://www.ukuleleunderground.com/forum/showthread.php?80745-FS-FT-Mya-Moe-Koa-Tenor-Classic)

No need for me to talk up these makers, they do top-quality work, just ask around.

Here's the basic info:

Start Date: Mar 26, 2012
Completed: Apr 23, 2012

• Master Grade Koa top, back & sides, Char's special stock
• Ebony body binding
• Abalone rosette
• Hand-rubbed oil finish
• Radiused Ebony fretboard with Ebony binding & Abalone markers
• Mahogany neck, 1-3/8" width
• Slotted Headstock with Schertler tuners,
• Solid Wood Headplate to Match Body
• K&K Twin Spot pickup, strap buttons

It's a great instrument, warm and woody, wearing Worth Browns, and an unwound Living Water low-G; the pick-up works great with a Roland Mini-Cube. No dings, it's pretty pristine, see the photos, or the sound check vid. If you want a new one, you'll have just under a year on the wait-list, and according to their build-a-uke chart, it will now run $2400 to get a similar one.

Here's a link to a quick-and-dirty video with sound sample:


Please excuse my playing, I've been doing it for four months, I know I should be better, but there you go. Plus the mike is the iMac built-in, but you can get a look, and an idea of what the instrument can do, which is way more than I can. Buzzes and clams are mine, not the uke’s.

I'm not looking for a trade, and I'd prefer PayPal. It comes with the original hardshell case. (I could ask for $1600, and let you talk me down to $1400, but let's skip that, hey? $1400 is what I need.) I'll throw in shipping CONUS.

I paid more, (plus swapped a Mainland mahogany tenor as part of the deal) and I don’t think you’ll find a sweeter price.

I've bought one uke, and sold a couple here, and nobody has complained ...


06-24-2013, 08:49 AM
Wow! That is beautiful. I am sure it will go fast. It sure would if I could afford it! It sounds great too.

06-24-2013, 09:26 AM
This is the prettiest Mya Moe tenor I have ever set eyes on. It's a shame that it has passed through three owners in its short life.

You are offering it at a delectable price, Steve. Good luck with the sale and may this lovely tenor find a caring lifelong foster parent. :)

06-24-2013, 11:42 AM
Just PM'ed you :-)

06-24-2013, 12:16 PM

Um, a slight revision: Turns out I have somehow managed to break a hinge on the case, Lord knows how. I have another hardshell case I can include, and it's sturdy enough, but it's not as high-quality as the Ko'olau case; I'm willing to make an adjustment on the price to reflect that. Sorry ...


06-24-2013, 01:53 PM
I guess it was a pretty good deal. It's sold. Thanks for the responses.