View Full Version : Cordoba 25CK, solid acacia back & top, other fine points

06-27-2013, 11:52 AM
This is a Cordoba 25CK. It has a solid acacia top and back. This model has a bunch of nice little details, such as the "Cordoba" name being engraved in the headstock instead of painted, the gold-colored tuners, and the decoration on the sound-hole and the bridge.


It's currently strung with brown Worth strings.

I live in and will ship from Reading, Pennsylvania. Local pickups are free and welcome. I will only charge actual shipping. The uke is one pound, three ounces, and in its case it's nearly three pounds, five ounces. With packing materials it'll be about six pounds, so feel free to use the post office's Web site to estimate shipping from zip code 19606. I do not profit off of shipping! Insurance is required for your protection and mine.

Note: I am providing the canvas hard case picture in the photo. This model originally came with a gig bag that I do not have. I'm also including a humidifier in the case.

New this goes for about $289 and the case is $40.
Asking only $190 + shipping.