View Full Version : You tube" partners".

07-02-2013, 07:01 AM
I've already posted one thread about YOU Tube "partners.
my last post alluded to what I think could become a problem and is already an annoyance to me.

"just had a thought, what if all seasonistas became "partners" there would be as many ads a vids. yikes!

seriously, I'd like to see all of this stay as commercially free as possible.
my suggestion is to allow only ad free [as much as it's in our control] vids. if you are a youtube partner, then maybe you could just start a non partnered channel and double post so we could still stay ad free?
I could see this as a deal breaker for me, I hate ads, one reason I went VIP the other of course wanting to give back to UU.. I' like to stay a seasonista, and so far only one partner that I know of is posting,any more partners posting and I'm outta here.
getting crankier every day