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07-07-2013, 09:01 AM
I have finally reached a point where I'm pretty happy with my collection. That said, I have way too many ukes. I need to sell a bunch off and I'm gonna start with this amazing Peter Lieberman koa deluxe tenor. I'm selling it because- just like my beloved KoAloha Red Label mango tenor taht I had to let go- the neck is just too thin for me. It's a shame because it really is perfect in every other way.

I have a 2011 plain Maui Music T4K that is one of my favorites; on that one the neck is about twice as thick, so I was expecting the same thickness when I purchased this from The Ukulele Site. I wish that swapping the necks out were an option, which maybe it could be but that's probably a little drastic. Anyway, I'm not sure there are any Maui tenors left on the market. I've checked The Ukulele Site and Gryphon and they appear to be sold out. Gryphon just had this exact model in for something like $2,200 I think recently, which is about what I paid.

I'm asking $1,700 for it. I'll cover shipping and insurance to CONUS. I'd like to keep the sale within the US because my anxiety is already high enough and overseas shipping makes me way too nervous- sorry if this offends anyone. The Crossrock case pictured is included. I'm sure I have some strings I can toss in, too. I'm gonna take a huge hit on this after Paypal whacks me with fees, and then on the shipping and insurance, so I feel that greater than $400 off the top for a uke I haven't played more than an hour is pretty fair, plus the case is better than the foam one Gryphon provides.

Hee's a link to The Ukulele Review in which this exact ukulele is featured:


Oh, my inbox here needs a major spring cleaning, so probably better to email me on soupking215 at aol. As stated, the uke is in the exact condition I received it this past April. I know I don't have a time stamped picture, and I can provide a personal sound sample and more pics if it's necessary. I've sold at least a million ukes here in the past few years, though :p

07-08-2013, 05:47 AM
I have reached a tentative deal with a buyer, so closing this for now. Thanks for looking, all...