View Full Version : LAND'S END - improvisation

Ken Middleton
07-13-2013, 09:04 PM

Here's an improvisation based on a tune I have played before. Recorded at a friend's house where my wife and I were staying in Lucca, Italy. This was just a few days ago.

We had returned to Italy to attend a Leonard Cohen concert in the main square of Lucca. It was stunning. His performance was outstanding. This is from a guy who is 80 in a few weeks. The first half was about 65 minutes and, after a 20 minute interval, the remainder of the concert was around 75 or 80 minutes. He did 5 or 6 encores. Unbelievable.

I had seen him play live several times before, but the last time was a staggering 40 years ago, way back in '73.

Anyway, this improvisation has nothing to do with Leonard Cohen. I just recorded it when I had a few minutes to spare one morning. Videoed on a small pocket camera and the audio recorded on my iPad as I did not have any proper gear with me.

I am playing a fabulous concert uke made for a friend. It is hand-made by a very talented Italian luthier named Valerio Pennisi. All solid koa with lots of abalone inlay.

I am playing in B tuning.