View Full Version : Fake Geek Guy (original)

07-14-2013, 03:52 AM
This one may bear a bit of explaining. There's been a bit of controversy in the geek community about the idea of the "fake geek" in general (the person accused of jumping on the geek bandwagon because it's currently trendy to be geeky), but there has been a particularly vicious focus on the idea of the "fake geek girl," a stereotype some gentlemen have applied to every geeky or nerdy female in existence. To put it in terms of the uke community, it would be as if veteran ukers cornered newbie ukers at uke conventions and quizzed them on their knowledge of ukulele history and technique...but when they did this to female ukers, even ones who had been playing since they were children, they would do it on the assumption that the women would fail the quiz and were just hanging around because they wanted to taunt male ukers with their hotness. Yeah, it sounds insane to me too, but there it is.

At any rate, this song responds to the controversy. Imagine it being set in a world that is the reverse of our own; it has emerged from millennia of female, not male, dominance. Also please be aware that the song is satire and is not meant to offend anyone.