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07-24-2013, 04:06 AM
Peghed's from what I see are a upgrade option as tuners go. I am wondering why, because I see they have a 4:1 ratio and geared tuners have a 14:1 ratio and up. Then also there are friction tuners like Grover that look like Pegheds, but are a lot less expensive. Can somebody give me a good description of Pegheds, because I am looking at buying a new uke and i have the option of them installing Pegheds.


07-24-2013, 04:14 AM
Pegheds are a personal preference. Many people prefer the straight-back look of friction tuners, but prefer the flexibility that geared tuning provides. 4:1 tuners often provide a good compromise between friction tuners and higher-ratio geared tuners. For ukulele, I find 4:1 more than sufficient for easy tuning accuracy. They are lightweight and work well; not everybody like the look and feel, so that's a personal issue.

I have had Pegheds on several ukes, and like them a lot. Gotoh has also released UPT planetary tuners which are more like traditional banjo tuners. I like the look of these tuners, but I haven't tried them. Many on this site have, though, and the review seem generally good.

Jim Hanks
07-24-2013, 04:18 AM
I think you have the description already. They are a compromise between the 1:1 ratio of traditional friction tuners that many people don't like because they are too "fiddly" (hard to accurately tune) and the 14:1 ration of geared tuners that many people don't like because it takes forever to change strings with them. Also the Pegheds have a similar weight to friction tuners and less weight than traditional geared tuners.

I don't have them, mind you, just spouted off what I've read. Personally I like 14:1 geared tuners.

07-24-2013, 04:35 AM
Thanks for the quick replies. I did some searching and I found this in the Peghed description, and can someone explain it to me.

PEGHEDS have a brake mechanism with variable friction. Push in to increase resistance, pull out to decrease; exactly like a traditional wood peg.

Johnny GDS
07-24-2013, 05:21 AM
The brake mechanism imitates the working of a traditional violin style friction tuner where pushing the tuner deeper into the hole it is mounted in creates a tighter mechanical fit, therefore giving it a tighter feel and making it harder to turn, and also more stable and less likely to slip.

This feature allows you to adjust the resistance on the tuner and get it dialed into a sweet spot as far as how tight it feels. I've used these tuners and think they are very good. I would prefer them over a non- geared tuner for sure, and the lighter weight at the headstock is nice for the balance of most ukes. Good stuff!

07-24-2013, 05:47 PM
Folks have said nearly all there is and there are other topics with lengthy diccussion about this. One thing, though, if you have the choice of pegheds or Gohtohs, that would be a tough choice without trying them out. I like pegheds and I have them on two ukes. I have the gohtoh plentaries on one and grover open gears on another. The Gohtohs are my favorite of the three and they are in the middle on weight - i.e,. they weigh less than open geared and more than pegheds - but then everything except wood friction pegs weigh more than pegheds. The Gohtohs only weigh a little more than the usual mechanical friction pegs.

Dan Uke
07-24-2013, 06:18 PM
Try them out...like RichM, I don't need more than 4:1 ratio and had them on a couple of ukes. I just ordered the Gotohs UPT for my Kamaka so will find out how good they work.

07-24-2013, 10:53 PM
The outside part of a tuner is anodized aluminum. The inner shaft which runs between the grip and the string post is tool grade steel, and so are the hypoid planetary gearswhich revolve around that center shaft. Yes, backing the grip away from the string post allows the srtring to be wound quickly and effortlessly. Pushing the grip toward the string post enables it to stay in place and hold tension on the string.

They come in two different lengths of shafts. The shorter one is 19mm from the threads which are at the face of the peghead/headstock to the base of the grip.
If your instrument is 15mm or less in thickness, the short one is very compact. The other length is 27.5mm from the face of the peghead to the base of the grip. If your pehead is thicker than 15mm, the longer one is necessary. It takes 4mm for screwing the unit into the instrument.

There is a similar unit for sale on Music 123/Musician's Friend .Their warranty is for 45days. PEGHEDS are warranted by the maker for their lifetime in an instrument if they are installed properly and not grossly abused. They are either repaired or replaced. You just pay the shipping both ways.

You can read Tim's review in www.ukeeku.com . www.pegheds.net is my website. Because the maker is full time busy making them, if you buy less than ten sets at a time, you pay full retail. 10 to 24 sets gets you a ten percent discount. Buy them from the website pegheds.net and you get a 20% discount if you just buy one set.

The price of the long or short ones is the same...$54.00 plus shipping.
I ship daily usps first class or priority both are insured in the USA. Yes, I ship all over the world.