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07-24-2013, 11:08 AM

I have a unique instrument for sale. I can't call it a uke or guitar or anything else. I have $225.00 invested in it so that is what I'm asking.

It is 31" long and is currently tuned to EBGD like a baritone uke. I purchased it from John Williams who goes by Backyard Cluster Plucker. His motto is "Will Play for Food." He rescues old instruments. He took this one that is made out of cypruss and added a floating saddle and installed a pickup. The two pots are volume and a stacked treble/bass pot. The nut and spot where strings come over the bottom are bone. The white fret markers are actually paper punch holes I picked up from my hole punch and stuck on with a glue stick. They'll come off pretty easily. The actual fret markers are just tiny dots of paint. This is a rough and ready instrument. You can see where the original maker misfretted it in one spot so the cut is still there. There was a crack in the side but it was repaired. It's hard to make out. I pressed on it pretty hard and it didn't move. I purchased a new case for it. It is really a shotgun case but it fits just great. It is a swamp gig machine. You'll see in the photos that I have compared it to my soprano uke. I think that's about it for the description.

New clip with some effects:



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More photos.....


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And a couple more.....

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Posted new video clip with effects.