View Full Version : Lanikai Tenor Case Too Small for Kamoa tenor?

07-24-2013, 02:56 PM
Hi everyone,
I went on vacation to Hawaii, and just fell in love with the Ukulele. Before I left the islands, I bought my very first uke, a Kamoa E3 Tenor. I signed up for the UU lessons, and have been slowly getting better.

I hope to learn alot more from everyone and someone hope to play some songs!

By the way, I have a silly question. I bought a generic "foam" hard shell case for my tenor. It's a little on the tight side, meaning my uke doens't just slip in easily.... I have to push it in to fit. Is this bad? The problem is this Lanikai case was supposed to be made for tenors... do I need to get the baritone size?

I'm wondering if my current tenor-size case is still too small for the Kamoa Uke, and wondering if by pushing it in to fit will somehow damage my precious uke.

Any guidance is really appreciated!

Radio Flyer
07-24-2013, 06:10 PM
when i bought my Kala tenor i asked for a case but only bags were available. in a corner i noticed a nice hard case and tried my uke in it. it fit like a glove. it was a RoadRunner thermoplastic case made for a mandolin. cost is $109 at guitar center. i'm happy with it, you might give one a try.